The Start Up Lab

The Start Up Lab

A 3-part master class to teach you the basics of building, launching, and growing a successful beauty brand business.  

Are you ready to build the beauty brand of your dreams?
When you walk through the beauty aisle of your grocery store, do you dream of the day you’ll see your product on the shelves?   
Are you tired of working for somebody else and wish you could finally launch your own beauty line and work for yourself?

Do you have an idea for the product you want to launch, but no idea how to actually make it happen?

Are you on a limited budget and searching for a program that will give you a solid foundation to get started as a beauty entrepreneur?
The Start Up Lab isn’t like most “how to start a business” programs.    

This is a foundations course for people who are just getting started or who want to level up their brand on a budget.    

You won’t have to dedicate months or years to the program, and you won’t have to complete hours of homework and handouts.    

You also won’t spend thousands of dollars on a program promising to teach you EVERYTHING about the industry.    
This is a crash course for people who are limited on time and money, but serious about making this finally happen. And it’s only $147.

This course is for you if you are:
  •  A beginning beauty entrepreneur who wants to take the first step
  • ​ An established business owner who wants to level up their business without spending a fortune
  •  Limited on time to dedicate to a big program
  •  On a budget and looking for an affordable, effective program to get started
  •  Able to commit to 3 masterclasses
This course is NOT for you if you are:
  •  Not able to commit to 3 classes
  •  Already familiar with the beauty brand business and not trying to level up
  •  Not wanting to spend serious money on your beauty brand business
I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Aside from deciding to dive into this endeavor, my best decision by far has been to work with you! I really appreciate your expertise and input.
Shawn Colson
I have achieved a certain clarity since started working with you. You are my “role model”!!! Anything from you I swear by!
M.S, Australia
Master Class #1: Building a Strong Foundation For Your Brand

  •  What does it take for your brand to be a success
  •  Must do steps and things to avoid at all cost! 
  •  Idea validation (finding out if your idea is valid and will actually make you money)
  •  Crafting a vision & foundation for your brand
  •  How the right brand story can make or break a brand's success!
  •  Marketing starts from Day 1 
Master Class #2: Product Development & Strategy

Master Class #2: Product Development & Strategy

  •  Manufacturing options- private label vs custom and which is right for you
  •  Complying with the FDA
  •  Creating Packaging that speaks to your customers
  •  Establishing a budget and plan for all 
Master Class #3: Building a Business 101

  •  Creating a business plan (Hint: the days of the 60-page plan are over! You’ll get a ONE PAGE fill-in-the-blank business plan to get you on your way.)
  •  Creating a budget
  •  Raising funds
  •  Becoming profitable
  •  How to scale your business
  •  Marketing and sales
  •  Fulfilling orders
***You will also receive worksheets, templates, and 1 month access to the Beauty Entrepreneur Inner Circle!***
The Start Up Lab is a one stop shop for everything you need to get started RIGHT NOW.     

Not someday.    

Not tomorrow.    


And it’s all yours for just $147.    

Seriously, $147 to put one foot in front of the other and truly begin your career as a beauty brand entrepreneur.
Hi, I’m Melody Bockelman, 
the founder of Private Label Insider. 

Now I'm sharing all my insider secrets with people who have a dream and courage, but don't know the first step to take to get started. I've taken all my expertise, experience, and course content and condensed it into this 3-part lab to help you get moving in your beauty business.
After 10 years of working in the private label industry, I decided that it was time for ALL businesses, no matter their size, to have a chance of getting their products developed.      
I’ve helped beauty entrepreneurs build product lines for over 12 years! I’ve worked with clients 1 on 1 and in large bootcamps to teach them all they need to know so they can break into this business with an expert at their side. 

I'm sharing all my insider secrets with people who have a dream and courage, but don't know the first step to take to get started. 

I've helped my clients get their products on QVC and HSN, as well as in large retailers and grocery store chains. I’ve also worked on product development for projects with NASA technology (that was cool!). 
I created this lab because I’d received SO MANY emails from people who were looking for a way to get started.   

I wanted to offer my clients a way to launch their brands without being TOTALLY OVERWHELMED by a massive amount of coursework and information.    

I wanted to create a program that was affordable and easy to manage for people who are just getting started.   

With the Start Up Lab, you get 3 classes full of practical, actionable, and professional guidance from me and my years of experience in the beauty industry.    

You don’t have to enter this industry blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back.    

You can enter it with your head held high and an easy to follow guide.
In this lab, you’ll get all the information you need to:
Build your brand
Create packaging materials
Create a business plan
Market your beauty brand
Create (and stick to) a budget
Stay within FDA regulations
Find your ideal clients
And start making money as a beauty entrepreneur. 

Here's What You'll Get!


  • Creating a brand takes more than pretty colors and fonts! Branding Worksheet - $97 Value
  • How to understand your competitors and price your products with confidence! (video + Worksheet) - $197 Value


  • FDA blueprint how to stay out of trouble! FDA Template guidelines + video training - $97 Value
  • ​​Budget - Smart Money! How to make sure that you're making money $$$ with your products! - $147 Value


  • Beauty Brand One Page Business Plan - $97 Value
  • ​​Start Up Model Guide - $47 Value


  • Beauty Brand Glossary - $47 Value
  • ​​1 Month Free Access to the Beauty Entrepreneur Inner Circle - $47 Value

Total Value: $̶876

Today you pay only: $147

For just $147, you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running and actually make your beauty brand a reality.

You’ll learn how to validate your idea to make sure there’s a market.
You’ll learn how to find and work with manufacturers.
You’ll learn how to market and sell your product.
You’ll learn how to manage your money and become profitable.    
And you’ll do all of this with a professional beauty insider in your corner.

Not sure about joining? Here’s what my previous clients have said about working with me to bring their brands to life.

Melody is one of those rare business minds that can see your venture holistically and has both the depth and breadth of expertise to help you build a strong foundation.
Molly Hayward
Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it. Keep doing what you’re doing – you provide great value, and once again I want to mention how helpful I found your ebook. Also just knowing you’re there and have done all this is a nice supportive thought :)
Q: How long are these videos going to be available?
A: When you purchase the Start Up Lab, you get lifetime access!

Q: What is the class schedule? I just want to make sure it fits in my schedule.
A: This course is on-demand which means it's available immediately and you go at your own pace. You can watch it as you have the time or you can binge it in one day.

Q: Does this work for International?
A: Yes, the process is the same! You would just need to find labs in your country to work with.

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