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  Get the roadmap on how to create a beauty brand easily, without being an expert and without wasting time and money!  


Introducing Business of Beauty, my beauty business course designed specifically for the Skincare Industry.



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So you want to start your own Skincare  brand?

Well, we've got the ultimate system for you.
The Ultimate Beauty Brand System for Makeup includes: a training guide, training video, system checklist, beauty brand glossary, and vendor rolodex!

I talk a lot about beauty brands. And most of the time, the foundations of starting a beauty brand are the same regardless of the product you’re trying to launch. 

But that’s not always the case, and if you’re ready to launch a specific type of business, you may want information specific to that industry.

Today, I’m going to talk exclusively about the Skincare Industry. 

If you have dreams of starting a Skincare Business but don’t know where to start, you’ll want to keep reading.

In this Ultimate Skincare Beauty Brand System Bundle, you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own Skincare brand 
  • ​How to find the perfect vendor
  • ​A framework for launching your brand 
  • ​Vendor guide
  • ​The product development process
  • ​How to make money in the Skincare Industry
  • ​How to avoid costly mistakes to be able to sell and move quickly
  • ​And most importantly, launching strategies that will help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace

It comes with: 

  • Lists of top vendors 
  • ​Masterclass on how to start a Skincare brand
  • ​How to start your own Skincare Product Business E-book

This system has EVERYTHING you need to get started and get started the right way.

Comes with 3 HUGE BONUSES to assist you while you build your Skincare business. Don’t forget to tag us @beautybizexpert if you want to use IG!

Please note that these products are electronic documents, not a hard copy. You will automatically receive the digital download via email upon purchase. No Refunds on digital products.

In addition to the guide & training video, you’ll also get these BONUSES:


Budget A detailed label sample to give you an easy framework to follow. Learn how to create a Skincare label that meets FDA guidelines


A Skincare manufacturing vendor rolodex with all the current manufacturers and offerings. 


A Skincare glossary that explains all of the industry terms. This will help you communicate better with your manufacturer and your soon-to-be-happy customers.


A Skincare checklist so you don't miss a step in creating your Skincare line.

This system and all the huge bonuses are just $47.  You’ll save much more than that with the manufacturing resource guide alone. 

Are you ready to launch your Skincare business? Sign up for the course now!

I believe in you,
Melody Bockelman

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Also get these HUGE BONUSES:

Bonus #1 

Access to DIY Course Videos - Packaging 101, Artwork Options, Secondary Packaging

Bonus #2 

Worksheet & Checklist to help you work through the training

Bonus #3 

Budget tracker

Bonus #4 

Example labels with full FDA guidelines

If you’re ready to take that first step and learn, once and for all, what you need to know to start a Skincare Business, then you’ll want my guide The Business of Beauty.

This course is ALL about Skincare products.

As you know, the Skincare market is extremely competitive! That’s why it’s so important to have an expert in your corner.

With this guide in your arsenal, here are some things you WON’T have to worry about:

  • Overspending on packaging 
  • ​Choosing an unreliable manufacturer who can’t fulfill much-needed orders
  • ​Creating non FDA-compliant labels
  • ​Choosing a product name that won’t sell
  • ​Spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do next

Be honest with yourself. If you never had to stop your momentum to ask “what now?” how much could you accomplish?

If you had all the tools and resources you needed to build a Skincare Business, would you do it? Would you keep taking the next step until launch day?

If the answer is “yes,” and you’re ready to officially start your Skincare Business, then you can get the Skincare guide here.


- Alexis

- Angela

- Jennifer

- Maribel


So many people have dreamed of starting their own beauty brands, but stop short because they don’t know where to start or they don’t know if they have a good product idea. And they end up wondering “will anyone actually buy my product?”

They’re searching online for questions like “how to start a skincare line,” but they only find partial answers. Search no more! I want to give you the step-by-step answers and guidance on what you need to do to start your own line.

We will provide you with all of the insider secrets that you’ll need to take your product ideas from concept to production.

This is for you if you're wondering:

  • What it actually takes to create the line?
  • ​How much of a financial investment you need to make?
  • ​How to actually navigate the process of creating a line? 
  • ​What does it take to make your line STAND out so that it can be a success? 


  • ​How to choose the right Skincare manufacturer
  • ​What kind of packaging will work best for your product
  • ​​FDA requirements for labeling your Skincare products 
  • ​The differences between custom, stock, and private/white label Skincare products
  • ​How to create a budget 
  • ​Mistakes to avoid when naming your products
  • ​Much more

Do you have an idea for a serum, masque, or skin product that you want to launch?

Creating your own beauty line can be complicated! There are so many steps from idea to finished product, but we can help you turn your product idea into a reality and take your success to the next level by providing you with the critical steps in the product development process.



Private Label Insider is a beauty product development & agency that helps all size businesses create the brands of their dreams! We specialize in the health & beauty category including haircare, skincare, makeup, supplements, body care and more! We offer full-service product development, consulting & coaching and courses to help make your brand a success!


After 10+ years of working in the private label industry, she decided that it was time for ALL size business should have a chance at getting their products developed. She is sharing all her insider secrets with people who have a dream, an idea and courage but just need some help getting the product from concept to production.

Her track record includes brands on QVC, HSN, large retailers and grocery store chains.She also worked on product development for projects with NASA technology (that was cool). Aside from managing others’ brands, she has successfully run 2 
e-commerce websites and in 2008 one of the company products was featured on Oprah!
She helped beauty entrepreneurs build product lines for over 15 years!

This won’t be easy. 

You’ll have to push yourself and take a leap outside of your comfort zone. But if you stick with the program and really make an effort, you will end up with more confidence and a solid strategy that will make your new business a reality! Let’s get started!

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